Exclusive Brass Headboard Queen

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Brass Headboard Queen Color

Brass headboard queen, they can become a frame for the cushions of our bed or limit a change of color or finish a plinth. What is clear is that the moldings dress by themselves and increase the decorative level of the walls giving it a classic touch. The possibilities, infinite. They occupy little space, are integrated into the decoration, work as a bedside table and have a thousand possible finishes.

Also, as a ledge they are, they allow us to combine all the accessories and change them whenever we want. Like here that we have supported a mirror next to candles, flowers, and frames … Imagined by imagination and visualizes the brass headboard queen. This is what the artist Joana Santamans has done in this sea-inspired bedroom. The famous vinyls can also work.

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If we are of subtle tastes, if we miss the romantic details, if we opted for the rustic air or we love the minimalist decorations a single mosquito net can fill the bedroom with personality. The possibilities of brass headboard queen collecting or deploying it will give us a lot of play. Because we do not need anything else. The stones fill the wall with subtle changes of tone, rich textures and great stories. If you are lucky enough to have it, do not waste it, you can frame it with a white wall. You can also wear the brick walls.

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