Floating Bookshelf To Boost Room Decor

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Floating Shelves White

Floating bookshelf adds modern and unique decor to the room. Floating bookshelf plans can be learned to feature attractive invisible shelving here. Invisible shelf with hidden shelf supports has been rocking home decor improvement storage ideas. Materials can be wood or glass or combination of them both. For the supporting brackets, wood and metal are most used depending on decorating styles to pour.

DIY floating bookshelves can be fun to build or you can also buy readymade from IKEA. Yes, IKEA has many bookshelf collections to purchase today. Starting from wood to glass, small to large, narrow to wide etc, IKEA will serve you right.

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The installation can be just regularly in tiered shelving or randomly that forms zig-zagged look. Living room, bedroom, baby room even kitchen can have books stored and organized in shelving for easy access. Spending some time reading your favorite books can be made elegant as one of lifestyle with the storage shelves.

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For online purchasing, IKEA offers an easy access like Amazon too. Color of the shelving can determine the look in the room as a part of decor. Make sure not to do it excessively to avoid too much decorating which can be awkward. Ideas with floating bookshelf can be learned more in pictures especially on this post.

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