Floating TV Shelf And DVD Player Ideas

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Stylish Floating Tv Shelf

Floating TV shelf – A floating shelf is basically a 2-inch-wide hollow box with rear panel missing. You measure the hollow space of the shelf, cut a board that will fit snugly into the hollow part of the shelf and mount the board on the wall. This board is the real support to the shelf, so it must be anchored using drywall anchors or by screwing directly into the wall framing.

The hollow back of the shelf is then put into the board and screwed from the top of the shelf on the board, giving the shelf a floating appearance. This type of shelving is typically tailored but if you want a modern design, this is a good way to keep your TV, DVD player and other components. Cable Supported floating TV shelf; for the ultimate in sleek -and industrial design, wall-mounted shelves with fronts that are supported by cables will add interest and be extremely durable.

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The cables are mounted vertically on the ceiling and floor, going through the front corners of the floating TV shelf. When mounted to the wall, each shelf has a sleeve, which is attached to the cable and supports the weight of the items on the shelf. These types of shelving will be able to carry the excess weight because they are anchored to the ceiling and the floor, the weight distribution across the entire cable rather than just at the connection points. Shelves are often made of glass.

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