Flooring – Different Methods Of Installing Bamboo Flooring

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Installing Bamboo Flooring On Concrete

What is the best way to installing bamboo flooring? You can install the floor like a straight stick, floating board in layers, using AcouBond system, or using beams / battens to name a few. Any method of installing bamboo flooring premium has both positives and negatives but when weighed until you can determine a more suitable method of installation.

We preferred and most commonly accepted method installing bamboo flooring in WA is a direct stick. This is where our boards glued directly to the sub floor resulting in very quiet floors to walk on. Trowelled glue to the floor and placed directly above board. It is a strong and permanent method of installation. We use rubber adhesive drying Sikabond called T55.

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Using alternative glue for installation method that is not elastic bond will usually result in the stress placed on the board causing a bruise and a widening gap between the boards. Flooring bamboo stick straight strong and stable, stop the board from moving too easily and can run on the same day will be installed. But this floor will be difficult, but not impossible to remove if necessary, and do not require a fairly level sub floor. Installing bamboo flooring as a floating floor involves using a thin high-density OAM underlying.

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