Friendly Ideas Distressed Wood Headboard

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Dark Distressed Wood Headboard

Distressed wood are frames that are used to transport merchandise of all kinds. After their practical function, these distressed wood headboard acquire another meaning when they are taken to the decoration of the home. And today we will give you fantastic ideas to take them to your bedroom in the form of headers. We also know that it is not possible to invest large amounts of money to refresh the image of our spaces. So it is very convenient to resort to DIY alternatives, which are also friendly to the environment.

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Since many ideas are based on the recycling of wooden furniture. Or pieces in order to give them a second life. Undoubtedly, one of the options that have become the pampering in bedroom decoration is distressed wood headboard. The distressed wood is manufactured with a minimum height. Which allows easy handling to transport the goods.

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In recent years, distressed wood have become one of the pieces allow for the manufacture of home furniture. These distressed wood  are made of wood such as spruce, pine, birch, chestnut, beech and oak, in such a way that pieces are found in different shades. Distressed wood headboard is a trend for ecological pieces, low cost and that allow us to manufacture our own furniture, which guarantees having unique pieces and a lot of personality.

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