Full Size Duvet In Cute Floral Theme

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Chic Full Size Duvet

Full size duvet design is repeated more times than in the previous case, there is much less free space. The flowers are totally pink, including the stem or leaves. The measurements are as follows: the case has 200 x 150 cm and the pillow 50 x 60 cm. The recommendations for washing are exactly the same as in the previous example. We hope you liked these ideas of covers and bedspreads with floral motifs.

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They will be your great allies to decorate the bedrooms in the hottest times of the year. On a white background we find full size duvet flowers, leaves and birds, all with many colors.  It may look good in a room where the patterns of the tropical trend have been followed. You just have to be careful with the prints of the other textiles of the bedroom, so that there is no excessively loaded space.

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Also, remember that you can play with the full size duvet colors and textures of the other bedroom textiles, such as carpets and curtains. You can also combine the floral cushions with others with plain colors. The result will be very dynamic and there is a wide range of bedspreads with floral motifs where you can choose.

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