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Modern Headboard Shelf

Headboard shelf can be a single platform, boxed in at the head of the bed or two shelves up to the ceiling that flank the bed, connected by a shelf or awning. Add the novelty clippings and the single shelf becomes a gingerbread house or the front end of a fire truck or race car. Other cuttings turn the double shelves into palm trees, castle towers or city buildings. Use quality wood if you have enough experience to work the plywood or if the cost issues more.

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Basic design for headboard shelf. Configure the independent bed frame according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Pull the folded ends into position in a metal or Hollywood frame, for example, and click on the pieces together or tighten and tighten the clamps, if necessary, as needed. And then put any slats in position and fix them according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Measure the width of the frame from the outer edge to the outer edge and add 4 inches to obtain the necessary length for the top of the headboard shelf. Then use a table saw to cut a 12-inch-wide piece of plywood 43 inches long, or 39 more than 4, to make the top of the shelf header for a single or double mattress. Cut the plywood 58 inches long by a few doubles, 64 inches for a queen, 80 inches for a king or 76 inches long for a California king mattress.

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