How To Hang 9 Light Chandelier

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9 Light Chandelier Ideas

9 light chandelier – A spider changes the appearance of lighting up instantly. Lamps can vary in size and shape of small utilitarian styles with four or five lights to produce structures with many lights and additional crystal facets to reflect light back into the room. As long as there is adequate support for the lamp and electrical wiring in place, the spider installation is a relatively simple task for a do-it-yourselfer. If necessary on the roof of new wiring, most municipalities require a licensed electrician perform the task in order to meet building codes.

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Turn off the electricity to the ceiling light in the fuse box. Flip the light switch in the room “on” and “off” to confirm that there is no power of 9 light chandelier. Raise the ladder beneath the old light. Loosen the screws holding the spider canopy in place. This object is bowl shaped large that fits against the ceiling and holds the old light instead. Lower the old apparatus enough to trigger electrical wiring light. Unscrew the wire nuts that hold the wiring in place. Use an electric tester to confirm once again that there is no power that runs through the power lines of the lamp. Set the old unit out of the way.

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9 light chandelier, use the screwdriver to remove the screws holding the old electrical box in the ceiling. If something other than an electrical box holding the lamp, you may need to use a small saw to cut out.

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