Hanging An Antique Spanish Chandelier Over The Bed

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Stylish Antique Spanish Chandelier

Antique Spanish chandelier – Decorative lighting enhance the look of any room whether dining room, hallway, living room or bedroom. Chandeliers are simply creating the luminaries to drama and romance in a bedroom. An antique Spanish chandelier that is not too heavy or overly ornate will complement most room decors. Hanging an antique Spanish chandelier over the bed is not too complicated as long as you follow the instructions implicitly when disconnecting and reconnecting wires.

Check the wiring in your bedroom to determine if you need to call a professional electrician to install wiring. Consider the weight of the chandelier to determine whether you need to add structural support in the ceiling to support the lamp. Measure the height of your bedroom ceiling to decide what size to hang the antique Spanish chandelier. Turn off power to the circuit that powers the fixture in your bedroom. Turn carefully the existing lamp in order to remove the coating. Remove the electrical box in the ceiling fixture. Install the fan brace in the hole. Turn the fan brace with an adjustable wrench. Insert the U-bolt on the fan brace and slide the electrical box on the threaded ends of the U-bolt.

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Connect the electric wires from the ceiling through the hole in the metal electrical box. Adjust the height of the chandelier by removing links before you attach the fixture to the ceiling. You can hang the chandelier above a bed at any height you desire. Thread the chandelier leads up through the last chain link and then in the editing bar. Screw the mounting bar on the chandelier to the metal electrical box. Wrap the grounding cable to the grounding system screw into the electrical box and tighten the screw. Stuff the wires in the electrical box gently. Slide the antique Spanish chandelier above lid on the links and hold it tight against the ceiling. Turn the power back on circuit that connects to the bedroom.

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