Hanging West Elm Chandelier

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Modern West Elm Chandelier

West elm chandelier – You can hang a heavy chandelier lamp with more confidence if your roof is supported. Adding a brace for the roof is not difficult if you have easy access to the roof or if you cut an opening in the ceiling. Improvement store your local home has all the materials needed to hang a heavy chandelier lamp.

West elm chandelier, insert a nail in the ceiling where you will hang your chandelier. This will tell you where to place your roof brace once they are in the attic. You’ll have to cut a larger opening in the roof or go through the floor of the second floor to reach their beams if not accessible from the attic.

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West elm chandelier measure the distance between the beams, and cut 2 inch wooden board 4 inches to fit snugly between the joists. A metal hook to the center of one side of 4 inches. Support the roof by placing the board to the rafters with an “L” bracket on the top and the bottom of the board. Make sure the hook is hanging down. Cut a small hole in the ceiling if you are working from the attic. The opening should be large enough for the spider hanger and cable to pass through. ¬†Add the junction box to house wiring for your chandelier in a corner, where the wooden board meets the joist. Secure the box with wood screws.

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