Honeycomb Shelves Book Storage Ideas

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Honeycomb Shelves Target

Honeycomb shelves as book storage shelf ideas can be quite unique focal point in the entire decor. DIY hexagon shelves can be learned and the plans are free on the net. Honeycomb shelving unit can be installed horizontally, diagonally, vertically or custom. How to make honeycomb shelving for book storage and organization? You can get the ideas by checking on the products for sale. Best sites to find the honeycomb wall shelf are IKEA, Etsy, Amazon and Target.

Wood is mostly used for the material. White, espresso, black, brown or any other color or even unfinished naturally, think of creating unique book shelving on the walls. The amount of hexagonal shelves depends on you. Whether the most of wall space or a few, it is for sure to create a very fascinating wall decor and storage for your favorite books.

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To add some more colors, placing other items will do it for you. Small pots, clock and even night lights or sconces can add attractive appearance. It is a very creative way in storing books and enhancing room decor at the same time with honeycomb wall shelving.

What rooms that suit the book shelving? In the living room, your guests will be stunned by the design. In your bedroom, you will find the shelving very amusing to add its decor. In kids’ room, adding interest in their room is easily with them more than just book shelving. All spaces can have the honeycomb shelves to become great feature on the walls.

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