How To Clean Bamboo Floors With A Shark Or Bissell Steam Mop

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How To Clean Bamboo Floors Tricks

How to clean bamboo floors – Bamboo flooring is an elegant, attractive flooring option that will endure a lifetime if cared for properly. Cleaning floors with a traditional mop and bucket can be detrimental to the floor as the water from the mop becomes quickly saturated in bamboo. This can cause the wood to swell, crack and buckle. That leading to a very expensive repair that can easily be avoided by replacing the mop and bucket of high quality steam mop.

Bissell and Shark’s two favorite steams mop brands that will work well on bamboo flooring. How to clean bamboo floors with a shark or Bissell steam mop? Starting with fill the steam mop boiler with hot water. Pour in the specified amount of steam mop detergents for use with the mop. If you do not have the solution at hand, pour 1/4 cup of white vinegar to the water tank, which will naturally clean and disinfect without harming your bamboo. Turn on the steam mop device, and let it warm up for 5 minutes.

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Begin mopping the floor as in a traditional mop. Note the steam wills quickly cleaning floors, while the moisture evaporates almost immediately. Continue until you have dried the floor and wipe with the grain of the bamboo panel. Repeat as necessary when bamboo flooring requires cleaning. Also use steam mop immediately when spills or stains occur, according to the same basic routine. It’s a simple ways how to clean bamboo floors with a shark or Bissell steam mop. Aren’t it?

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