How To Hang Wine Bottle Chandelier?

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Awsome Wine Bottle Chandelier

Wine bottle chandelier – First steps to hang wine bottle chandelier is, use wet tile cutter to cut out the bottom of the wine bottle.  Two, Sand the cut edge on the bottom of the wine bottle, start using 100-grit sandpaper. Once you have removed the roughest part of the edge, use 220-grit sandpaper to smooth it completely.

Third, Wood. Purchase a swag lamp kit in a color that matches your home décor. Swag lamp kits have a chain, cord, and more, so that they can be connected electrically to the wall. You can find swag lamp kits from Amazon. Com, World Market, or hardware or craft store. Then, Fire. Turn on the light bulb into the light socket, then before the bulb and socket through the bottom of the wine bottle chandelier into the neck so that the wedge in place. The socket will fit right into the neck of the bottle.

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Last, Install the wine bottle chandelier in the ceiling where you want the light to hang. Be sure it is close enough to an electrical outlet so you can plug it in; select an area where the wire coming to the plug can be camouflaged. The swag lamp kit will come with information that will help you assemble the hook. Plug hook into the outlet.

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