How To Make A Rustic Headboard

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Attractive Rustic Headboard

Rustic Headboard – Rustic touches in your home create comforting and inviting rooms. Making a rustic headboard provides charm, appeal and affordability to bedroom furnishings. Creating a rustic headboard is not expensive, but you need to use some creativity. Find a headboard that fits your bed, and make sure it has a basic shape you want. Large sources for a bedside like these are second-hand stores, flea markets and sales property. You will be surprised at the bargains you can find.

Clean and grind the rustic headboard. Start with a nice clean slate for your work. Use a wet soap cloth to clean the gable well, even cracks, where dust is often collected. When the surface is clean, lightly grind with sandpaper so that the color will last well. Paint the headboard. Choose a color that complements your room. Do not be afraid to go with strong colors like red or black. Antique white is also a favorite. Allow the paint to dry for 24 to 48 hours before the next step.

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Use rough sandpaper to sand the corners and edges. Sand any straight corners or edges until the original wood shines through the color. Use your imagination for this step. When the headboard is rustic enough, seal the surface with clear coat. You can choose a flat surface for a really rustic look, or you can add light using a semi-gloss or high gloss surface paint. Allow it to dry properly before moving the gable or touching the finish. Greet your work. Add the nail head trim or use a strong glue to follow patterns in ropes, twigs or other materials your rustic headboard.

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