How To Put Solid Bamboo Flooring

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Stylish Solid Bamboo Flooring

Solid bamboo flooring – Bamboo is a type of reed grass that grows much faster and easier than trees. This makes bamboo an environmentally friendly choice for flooring. Bamboo comes in a variety of styles and colors and is more durable than traditional hardwood floors. These floors are more resistant to water, stains and insect damage. Bamboo flooring is easy to install and easy to manage. Installing bamboo flooring on your own can save you time and money.

How to put solid bamboo flooring, measure the area of the room or rooms that you want to install bamboo flooring. Use a tape measure and measure the length and width of the room and multiply the two numbers together. This will give you the square. Add seven to nine per cent of your total to allow for cutting floor. Draw a rough sketch of how you would like to post your floor. Use this guide when installing your floors. Use a level to make sure that floors are even. Sweep up any debris on the floor so they will be clean for installation.

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After that to put solid bamboo flooring, remove all baseboards with the flat edge of a spit. Place the 1/4-inch wooden spacers around the bottom of the walls to allow expansion. Place the first board in the desired pattern, beginning at the corner of the room. Staple floor was six inches down boards and six inches from the edges. Apply the distances between each board before laying down the next plank. Continue on boards until the last one is in place. Glue the last planks in place, if the nail does not fit.

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