How To Store Art Quilts

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Narrow Art Quilts

Art quilts is a fluffy quilt that is traditionally filled with down feathers. The covers provide a lot of insulation, and are often used for bedding during the winter. Since the duvets are so hot, many choose to store them for the summer and change to a lighter quilt or blanket. The covers are easy to store, because they are mostly air, so they can be compressed into very small sizes. To ensure the tire is stored without damage, carefully pack it and choose a suitable storage place

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Find a suitcase or large cotton pillow case to store your art quilts. Thin springs need some airflow during storage, so that they should not be stored in plastic (if the rug is made of synthetic material a plastic bag is acceptable). Ideally, the bag should have a drawstring or zipper to close the top, but it is not necessary. Fold the blanket, push it flat to reduce the volume. Place the folded blanket in the bag and pull the drawstring or fold the top of the bag closed.

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Place the art quilts in a dry place. It is extremely important that the blanket stays dry during storage, as mold can easily destroy a down comforter. If your wind or wardrobe is damp, choose another room. Remove the blanket from your bag when you are ready to use it. Hold the upper corners of the blanket and shake it to the lint of the feather before it is put back on the bed.

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