Ideas for 1940s Chandelier of Crystal

Oct 13th
White 1940s chandelier
White 1940s chandelier

1940s chandelier – Lamps in general are often associated with wealth and opulence, and the use of glass adds to this rich feeling. Although the 1940s was a decade not known for its rich, crystal chandeliers were present in older homes, and popularized by Hollywood in new ways. Today, the crystal chandelier 1940 is again popular in retro design, which celebrates its origins, while the implementation of some new twists. By definition, a chandelier is any light fixture mounted on the roof with two or more arms for a light source. Depending on the time period and style of decoration, the light source can be gas, electricity or a candle. In addition, the number of weapons usually exceeds the minimum of two and often built in levels or layers multiple arms. During the 1940s, the glass was a popular material for decorating the arms of a chandelier and the spaces between them, to hide the structure itself and create more often associated with this lamp the opulent chandelier style.

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The main function of crystal chandeliers during the 1940s was the lighting. Multiple arms from a central location of the roof were used to shine light up, out and down. As a result, chandeliers, in general, are often used at the entrances, with high ceilings, glass and lighting increased due to its reflective nature. Crystal chandeliers were often specifically chosen for their decorative function. Crystal provided atmosphere as light reflections create a glow of paintings, furniture and accessories colors around, who were mostly high-gloss in the 1940s and helped in the reflection. Even without light, crystal chandeliers looked beautiful, as part of the 1940 decor. 1940s chandelier of crystal traditional already part of some 1940 homes. They are usually found at the entrances, which spanned two stories and had been put in place by an earlier generation. Some traditional-style houses also had a crystal chandelier in the formal dining room, which often had a higher ceiling.

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During this time, however, a new style was emerging: Hollywood Glamour. Although crystal chandeliers in (then) unconventional rooms like the bedroom were not typical of the middle class, film and television later he showed them and that became iconic with the overall style of Hollywood at the time. Hollywood Glamour – also known in modern decor as Hollywood Regency – is popular again today, and crystal chandelier is a staple. Glass, however, is not necessary in the retro design to achieve the same look of 1940. Glass, high gloss paint and shell type can be used for the same effect reflective glass. The general appearance of 1940s chandelier is often achieved in retro design with lampshades and wall lamps, ceiling lamps and curtains-as cheap can be purchased in stores to spend light standard roof today.

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