Ideas For King Duvet Cover

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Awesome King Duvet Cover

King duvet cover – If you have to buy or make a quilt cover for your extra large quilt, it is important to first measure your quilt so that you do not end up with a cover that is too large or too small. Most duvet covers have more or less the same measurements for each size, but they can vary significantly from one manufacturer to another. Take a few minutes to measure your quilt, and it will not end with a cover that does not fit.

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Place your king duvet cover flat on the floor. Gently pull on each corner to ensure that wrinkles and filling are smooth and even. Measure the top of the quilt by locking the tape measure on one top corner, then unrolling it to the other top corner. Record the measurement in inches.

Measure one side of the king duvet cover in the same way, by locking the tape measure on top, then unrolling it to the bottom corner. Record the measurement in inches. Repeat the procedure for the other two sides. This step may seem redundant, but it is necessary because many quilts are sewn unevenly. Average of the final measurements by adding them then dividing by two. Repeat this procedure for lateral measurements. Write down your final result.

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