Ideas For Make Bamboo Mirror

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Wonderful Bamboo Mirror

Bamboo mirror – Framing a bathroom mirror provides a nice aesthetic touch to mirror and enhance the look of the entire room. Add a new frame to a mirror installed without one or replace an old frame that carries away it is an easy and inexpensive project.

How to make bamboo mirror, measure the dimensions of the mirror to measure the length and width of the bamboo you need to build it. Give yourself some extra bamboo to work with because you will cut frame moldings from this bamboo. Buy the necessary bamboo from these measurements at your local hardware store. Also buy a waterproof adhesive that withstands the bathroom moisture.

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After that to make bamboo mirror, cutting casting from the bamboo measure with a hand saw. Use a pencil to mark the depth where you will cut around brackets that attach the mirror to the bathroom wall and then cut along the markings. Sand and paint the molding face to even out and brighten its aesthetics. Wait for the paint to dry before continuing. applying the adhesive on the back of the bottom piece molding and attached to the bottom of the mirror. When it dries, you can do the same with the two side pieces of casting. By placing the first part, gives you some support for the side profile strips. When dried, apply glue to the top piece and attached to the top of the mirror.

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