Ideas For Make Diamond Tufted Headboard

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Top Diamond Tufted Headboard

Homemade diamond tufted headboard create a personalized addition to the bed that reflects your taste and fashion sense, adding elegance and style to the decor of a room. When buying these style headboards in retail stores, some discover this material is expensive. Therefore, what makes the header of the same, common materials and simple supplies will save money and get the satisfaction of a job well done.

Ideas for make diamond tufted headboard, measure the mattress. Use a tape measure to find the width at the head of the mattress. Add 2 inches to the width measurement. Mark on the wall with a pencil behind the bed. This mark will reflect how high the header wants to rise above the bed. Use the tape measure to measure from the bed frame to the pencil mark. Write the width of the header and height measurements on a piece of paper for later reference.

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Unroll a large piece of craft paper on a hard, flat surface. The transfer of measurements made in writing on the height and width of the header on the art paper to create a template. Use the scissors to cut the template from the art paper. Then for make diamond tufted headboard, keep the template against the wall behind the bed. Make any necessary changes or adjustments in the template before continuing. This is the ideal time to play with the design of the header, the addition of arcs or curves, and again the cut of the template to reflect these changes.

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