Ideas For Make Wooden Shelf Brackets

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Wooden Shelf Brackets Design

Wooden shelf brackets – Wooden brackets can be used for a number of light shelving applications. Decorative wood shelving is accented nicely by wooden brackets. Wooden brackets are also used in furniture with delicate scroll work. Wooden bracket can be purchased from a store. There are usually not many options for species or sizes of commercial wood brackets. It is better to make custom wooden bracket for your woodworking project. You can use the same wood as the rest of the project and make the details and styling match with more success than anything sold in a store.

Make a wooden shelf brackets, Draw a line from one corner of the 1-by-8-by-8 inch hardwood shelf to another. Use a pencil and ruler to draw the line. This will create two identical triangles on the board. These are the brackets. Saw the board along the pencil line to cut two triangles out of the board. Using a band saw to cut the board. Create a graceful curve of the flexible curve drawing ruler. Place the basket on the edge that you just cut with the band saw. Trace along the curve with a pencil. Doing this on each half of the board.

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Cut along the curved lines on the two boards with a band saw. Drill a whole one inch from each point on the curved side of the brackets. Using a drill, and 1/4-inch drill bit to drill the holes. These holes are used to attach the brackets to the woodworking project. Sand the surfaces of the two consoles with 120-grit sandpaper. Apply a wood finish of your choice to the consoles. Let the wood finish to dry before handling the consoles. Place the brackets in place on the woodworking project. Fix the brackets to the project using wood screws and a screwdriver. Place the screws through the holes in each wooden shelf brackets and screw them in place.

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