Ideas King Headboard With Storage Design

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Smart King Headboard With Storage

King headboard with storage – One of the simplest ways to make a storage header is to use an existing library or shelves, as part of the header design. Bookcases are available in a variety of sizes; Select the size that best suits your storage needs and mattress size. For example, you can make an extra-large headboard with a single shelf 80 inches high, or you can make a headboard with two or more bookstores 5 feet tall. library compartments separate work as vertical or horizontal storage. You can make the shelf headboard go to the ceiling, to the floor or wall to wall.

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Make king headboard with storage, buy two shelves for books of the same size that are at least 5 feet tall. These two book shelves will flank the head of the bed, but they will not be attached to the bed frame. Look for the wall studs on the wall behind your bed, where the shelves will stay. Attach the wall support straps to a wall stud behind each shelf with screws. Attach the straps to the corresponding back of the shelf. This step will secure the shelf to the wall.

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King headboard with storage, measure the distance of the wall between the two shelves. This measure is for shelves that hang on the wall behind and above your bed. The ends of the shelves should be no more than 1/2 inch from the outer edge of the shelves. Proximity will read visually as a single head unit.

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