Ideas Of King Tufted Headboard

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Perfect King Tufted Headboard

King tufted headboard, with tuft buttons inserted, looks elegant and expensive hanging on a full-size bed. Your secret will be that instead of spending hundreds of dollars on your bedside, you did it yourself for a much lower price. Taking the time to sew on the buttons for knot formation can be frustrating, so work slowly.

Ideas for make king tufted headboard, drill small holes in the plywood for the buttons. Run the batting plan on a table or on the floor. Center the plywood board on it, with the side of the foam facing down. Wrap the ends of the batting on the back of the board, pulling the batting strap. Staple the wadding to the plywood at the back, starting from the middle of the top of the headboard, then stapling in the middle of the bottom, then the middle on each side.

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Then for make king tufted headboard, Place the fabric on the table or the floor, right down. Place the covered plywood on top of the fabric and repeat the wrapping and stapling process. Trim any extra fabric from the back of the board when you finish stapling. Cut a 2 foot long length of yarn. Thread the needle with the upholstery thread. Push the needle through one of the perforated holes, through the foam and through the wadding and fabric. Slide the needle through one of the loop holes or the button. Be sure to leave a piece of thread hanging out of the hole, so the button can be loaned.

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