Install 3 Tier Chandelier

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Oil Rubbed Bronze 3 Tier Chandelier

3 tier chandeliers – A lamp hanging from the ceiling in the center of a room is the method of lighting more traditional. Place is not difficult. Just follow a few simple steps to install a point of light, a light switch or another place greater weight. You have to look at the place where the parson is located along which the electrical cables and adapt the work to the system of fixing the lamp.

The first step to place 3 tier chandelier on the ceiling requires make a hole with a drill, about 3 to 4 centimeters of electrical wires coming from macaroon. This is a protective PVC pipe generally called part of site installations. Then the cleat is placed and the lamp is hung on the curved portion of the anchor protruding roof. If the parson protrudes too far, you can cut the excess with a cutter.

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It is necessary to continue the work without power, especially while electrical connections are made. Using scissors electrician centimeter of the insulating cover of the cables leaving the roof , with care not to damage the copper conductors is cut, the strands are twisted and spliced cables by clamps (electrical connector in which a Cable is clamped against a metal part using a screw). If the lamp is grounded, it is connected in the same way. Finally, the glass of the 3 tier chandelier attached to ceiling, taking care that all cables are concealed, and placed tightens screw that fixes it.

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