Install Metal Shelf Brackets

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Metal Shelf Brackets Decorative

Metal Shelf Brackets – The metal shelving is an excellent choice for storing and organizing our boxes, objects, tools, in our home workshop, garage, pantry, etc. We can use as many shelves as suits our needs, choosing the most suitable width and length. The metal shelving can buy at most hardware stores, home centers or large surfaces. There are a variety of measures, capacities, colors, shape mounting (with screws or without screws).

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Instructions: 1. We use the subway to mark with a pencil or pen where we want to cut the legs off the metal shelf brackets. 2. Then mortars with the saw, hand saws or radial. We must be careful and it is better a good protective element (goggles, gloves and earmuffs). 3. We review and retire with the same adoration the burr generated by cutting the material. 4. Now we begin the process of assembling the metal shelving. We will use a spanner and a ratchet wrench to perform the task faster and with less effort. We place the metal shelf brackets, and then insert the screw nut. We hold the spanner nut and pressed with the ratchet the screw. 5. We put on the legs some protections to avoid damaging the floor. 6. And finished work.

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