Installing For 5 Light Chandeliers

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5 Light Chandeliers

5 light chandeliers – It is a simple process of making that will take us some time and a few tools can do it in your homes without problems. In addition, the materials are readily available at most hardware stores, DIY center … and cheap. The materials needed to perform the electrical installation of the lamp can buy at any hardware store, DIY center … are easy to get and are not expensive.

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You begin by stripping the cable ends at one end thereof to thereby remove the cover 2 cm approximate, you must be careful not to cut the internal cables. Then we peel the ends of the inner wires about 0.5 cm. The wires that make up the 5 light chandeliers cable are two: correspond blue and brown with the neutral corresponding to the phase, but you can also find cables that bring the earth cable yellow-green color.

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The two cables 5 light chandeliers, blue and brown, which we peel in the previous step, are going to connect the plug. For this, the plug brings recesses with small screws where inserted. We just loosen the screws, insert a wire into a hole and do the same with the other and tighten the screws to secure the wires.

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