Installing an Crystorama Solaris Chandelier

Oct 9th
Unique Corbett Lighting Chandeliers
Unique Corbett Lighting Chandeliers

Crystorama Solaris chandelier – Replace the plug of a cable is an easy solution, and can save you from having to buy a new extension cord, lamp or appliance. Three – prong plugs have the same two lines as regular outlets leaves little power, and a rounded blade that fits the round hole in the sockets of three slots. The blade rounded is the ground, and helps protect against short circuits and other hazards in the event of a ground fault or a short circuit.

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If the crystorama Solaris chandelier of cable you are working with has a ground wire (usually with green plastic insulation), you must use a three – prong plug for replacement. The plugs are available at any home center or in a well – stocked hardware store. Remove the old plug (if easy to do) with a screwdriver. Otherwise, you can simply cut the cable on the base. Cut off any damaged part of the cable using wire strippers / cutters.

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Disarms the new plug and / or loosen the screws crystorama Solaris chandelier holding the cable. Enter the cable end through the back of the cover and body of the new plug. Reduces few inches of the outer insulation on the cable end, using a knife to mark the insulation and then the wire stripper to cut waste. Cut 1/2 to 3/4 inch (1.3 to 1.9 cm) isolating each of the three wires of the cord, using the wire strippers.

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