Invisible Bookshelf Decor Ideas

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DIY Invisible Bookshelf

Invisible bookshelf is one fine addition to room storage and organization. Invisible floating bookshelf can boost your room decor with functionality. Do-it-yourself or purchasing the already made invisible book shelving from IKEA, Container Store, Urban Outfitters and Umbra, it is all yours to decide. Make your room unique is possible with bookshelf that invisible. The floating look will make attractive design and decor to the entire room.

Wood or glass, floating wall shelf brackets should be installed firmly and steadily. This is one basic thing when it comes to the ideas in how to build a floating shelf. Books can be stacked or arrange them vertically depending on your personal taste.

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Invisible shelves for books can also create a tower look. Starting from larger books to smaller ones, invisible shelf supports are best made of metal especially stainless steel. From living room to bedroom and kid’s room or office, creating a display full of books can add the fun into the atmosphere. Just arrange the books based on size, category and color to stand amazing in the room.

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Decorating your rooms and storing favorite books at the same time can be very amusing with invisible floating bookshelf. To learn a few ideas, we hope the photos on gallery are useful to you.

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