Iron Shelf Brackets Installation

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Wonderful Iron Shelf Brackets

Iron shelf brackets – First, measure the length of the kitchen wall. Use a stud finder to locate the position of studs along the walls where shelves will build. Draw with a pencil to mark these places with an “X”. Buy material for your shelves and decorative konsoller.Tre are popular choices for shelf. You can finish it in a variety of ways, and it is durable.

Then, use a drill and screws to install iron shelf brackets on the “X” marks you made in step 2. After you install the first bracket, use a 4-foot level to ensure the next bracket is level with it. If you install a bracket plaster, first insert a drywall anchor, then a skrue.Tug the bracket to ensure it feels solid and secure before installing the next one.

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Lay an iron shelf on top of the brackets, adjust its position. Make sure that the shelf is level, and then use electric drill and screws to attach the iron shelf on the bracket (there will be a hole in the bracket for the screw). Look the thickness of the iron shelf brackets to ensure that the screw is not visible from the top of the shelf. Repeat until all the kitchen shelves are installed correctly, and then stack your dishes and glasses on them.

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