Lamp Capiz Chandelier Tutorial

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Capiz Chandelier Trio Image

Capiz chandelier – Capiz shell chandeliers have an attractive, natural appearance; while still lend a dramatic touch to a room. Unfortunately, capiz shell chandeliers are often quite expensive. You can make your own, however, and if you work carefully, you can make a capiz shell chandelier that looks like a professional or manufactured. The easiest tactic is to create a chandelier that fits over a light installation that is already present in your home to avoid wiring or electrical work.

Cut yarn strands or tape to the same length. The tape is easy to work but will be visible. Thin rope that is clear or the same color as their shells will be less visible. The length of the chains depends on how long you want the strands of capiz chandelier shells are. About eight inches is easy to work, but the strands can be shorter or longer. Tie your shoelaces around the circumference of a ring of thin metal. You should tie into the threads before gluing the shells instead of paste into the shells, and then tie the laces.

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Apply a thin line of hot glue in the center of a capiz chandelier, and then stick it on the end of a thread. Continue adding shells along the chain until it reaches the line of shells near the top of the chain. Repeat for all strings attached to its rim.

Place the spider to an existing light fixture. This step may vary depending on what type of accessory that is. You may be able to tie the candelabrum fitting using fishing line or use a decorative chain to fix the chandelier. You can also put cup hooks around the appliance and attach the spider on the ceiling instead.

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