Let’s Talk About Fiesta Bedding

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Colorful Strip Fiesta Bedding

“You pull the fiesta bedding over here, I tense over there.” And suddenly, the mattress on your bed is folded. Have you ever experienced this situation making the bed? Or put the bottom and everything is wrinkled because there is plenty of fabric everywhere? If you recognize yourself in any of these domestic experiences. It is not that you are a zero to the left at the time of making the bed; it is surely that your bedding does not have the appropriate measures.

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According to the way you make the bed. If you like embozo, that is, part of the countertop fiesta bedding covering the top of the quilt, place them “inside out”. That is, the “pretty” part of the sheet is upside down. In this way, when you turn the sheet over the top, the most beautiful part will be visible, leaving the other part covered.

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In winter, when we place quilts or duvets, we also have to take into account the measures so that when dressing the bed, it remains as we want. There are different types of fiesta bedding, down, feather, wool and synthetics. Both quilts and duvet covers should always be between 60 and 90 cm wider than your bed.

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