How To Make A Bookcase With Drawers

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Modern Bookcase With Drawers

Bookcase with drawers – Since in this blog trying to do, repair and maintain all by ourselves face to save a few Euros, it is imperative that we learn to make useful projects that will help us not only in the economy of home, but also in order and decorating it. If the facts buy the handicap is found in the prices of many of the furniture that we would like, which are usually very high for simple they are. So get to work and to make our own bookcase with drawers, very useful for books, photos or decorative elements on its surface and fantastic to keep in the drawer’s keys, cards, documents or any gossip that we never know where to keep.

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The first thing to do is check with the ruler place the wall where we will place the metal support, if we have a level better and not be twisted. We mark using the plane that comes in the kit where we drilled to match the bottom of the drawer and the rods are well aligned. We drill holes with plugs and introduce well with the hammer.

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We put the metal support and subject them to the studs with screws, put the drawer on the rods and strongly look with wood screws. And we have our list and shiny drawers to put whatever we want, and for a price, around fifteen or so Euros. Remember that it is a shelf whose only support is as we bolted to the wall, thus, must be taken not to overburden weight to avoid breaking off and finish on the floor. Finally you can make bookcase with drawers by self.

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