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Make an Easy Octopus Chandelier

Octopus chandelier – Homeowners who find pleasure in do-it-yourself projects can create a simple home-made chandelier. A rustic octopus chandelier adds charm to a barn which has been the scene of a dance or a house with land or Southwestern decor. A homemade octopus chandelier is less expensive than those sold at department level, lighting and interior design shops. If the octopus chandelier hanging in a room that gets heavy use, invest in remote-controlled battery powered candles.

Amazing Octopus Chandelier

Amazing Octopus Chandelier

Make an easy octopus chandelier, Measure the shelf and divide the length of the numbers of pots you will place the area down. Line up jars in a single or double row, depending on your preference. Turn the jar upside down on the board evenly. Draw around the jar rims with a pencil to know where to cut the holes. Attach the whole saw to drill and cut out the circles. Smooth the whole edges with medium grit sandpaper for a finished look or leave a rough edge for a rustic look. Drill small holes at each corner of the board, giving them just enough to make a piece of sturdy rope threaded through each one. Put the board on a work surface so that the side that will show – once you hang the octopus chandelier.

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Make a big flow of glue just below the rim of a pot. Turn the jar upside down in the hole before the glue dries. Turn the board over so the pots the weight of the timber. Cut four equal lengths of rope with a sharp knife. The length depends on how high the ceiling is low and how to hang your chandelier. Seven feet off the floor, people can walk under a chandelier in a hall or living room.  Thread a piece of string through each hole and tie a simple knot in the rope directly beneath each hole. Continue to add all the pieces of rope to a rural charm to the chandelier. Place a tea, pillar or battery-powered small candle in each pot. Tie a knot in the other ends of the ropes that it will be closest to the ceiling. Put screw hooks in the ceiling and hang place the nodes in the hooks on the octopus chandelier.

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