Make A New Chandelier Lamp Shades

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Wrought Chandelier Lamp Shades

Chandelier lamp shades – The new screen for our lamp we can make in cloth, cardboard, raffia, etc; and they can be decorated with ribbons, paint applications (motifs, stencil, stencils, etc.). We can make different finishes, depending on the environment; living room, bedroom teen, child, library, etc. An old skeleton of a lamp tarnished or outmoded serve for replacement, or we can buy a new one, if we want to incorporate a new lamp at home.

The materials we use for these chandelier lamp shades are: cardboard, raffia, fabric (silk or cotton, plain or printed). Other possibilities are glass, plastic, parchment, etc. In turn, we can realize appliqu├ęs, like dry leaves, trimmings, laces, details with glitter, etc. To which we make with cardboard or similar paper we can caller some drawings in isolation or as a guard.

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To make the chandelier lamp shades with cardboard (or similar material), we must place it on a flat surface. Above we place the (loop) frame and make it turn on cardboard, while we mark the lines that make you turn. After dialing, left 1.5 cm on the side where we will unite, and edges.

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We cut and put up on the frame, paste it and adjust the joints with sticks clothes. Finally, let it dry well. If the frame we have 4 or 6 sides, to make a new lamp cardboard or the like, must mark each side (if they are of different sizes), or one (if all are equal) on a template . Then we repeat the patterns on the material chosen, remembering that we always leave 1.5 cm to the edges on all sides. After cutting, we line the screen.

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