Oak Headboard Minimalist Design Furniture

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Oak Headboard Queen

Oak Headboard – They can go almost unnoticed but the reality is that they are the cornerstone on which the rest of the bedroom is build. On many occasions, these elements are integrate into the decoration to the point of adding a touch of personality to the room that we will dedicate to the dream. Classic style, modern, minimalist, colonial, rustic, Mediterranean …, its shapes are as varied as styles we want to incorporate into the master bedroom.

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Although, whatever its name, the chosen headboard will clearly delimit the place that our bed will occupy. This oak headboard, to match the bedside tables and the rest of the bedroom gives. The bedroom a very Mediterranean atmosphere in which, the smell of natural wood combines perfectly with touches of steel. The drawing of the squares reaches almost to the ground, much lower than the bed. In case one day changes the bed and puts a lower one, you can still see the drawing.

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For this work, the “normal” would be to use a chipboard board plated in oak, which is lighter, cheaper, seedier… This, of course, is solid oak headboard. First I made the board, then I did the emptying of the squares. I cut the squares to size them in their place. It has a Matt varnish that gives a quite natural appearance. And the customer has been delight and wants another for another room.

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