How To Place Bamboo Cabinets

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Bamboo Cabinets And Stainless

Bamboo cabinets – Bamboo is a perennial grass, which has over a thousand species. There are several different sizes of bamboo which is often used as timber. In countries where this plant thrives, bamboo is used for building, packing food and as decoration in the form of mats. Bamboo mats are mostly associated with sushi making, since the mats are necessary to package seaweed, rice and fish close together in the rolls.

Bamboo cabinets can also be used as a decorative element, as they are easy to find and relatively inexpensive. One way to give a kitchen an Asian inspired theme is by attaching a bamboo mat in front of the kitchen cabinets. Measure the width and height of the face of the furniture. If the casing is designed to measure within the constraints of the frame or remove it.

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Cut the bamboo mat so that the height and width coincides with the height and width of the cabinet. Roll the bamboo mat up close and cut the excess with a fine-tooth saw. Remove any extra bamboo tubes simply by cutting the ribbon woven through. Tie the ribbon into a knot to keep the rest of reeds intact.  Spread glue over the front of the chassis. Make sure the glue is about the same color as the bamboo cabinets have spaces between the pipe and a lighter or darker adhesive will be visible.

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