Platform Bed No Headboard Solution Design

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Platform Bed No Headboard Standard

Platform Bed No Headboard – Why are some beds sold without a headboard? The headless bed has its place in certain special arrangements or original decorative arrangements. The attic ceiling in the bedroom provides a magnificent effect. However, it can pose some challenges when landscaping. How to place the bed to enjoy the magnificent effect of this sloping ceiling? By choosing a bed without a headboard, you can place your bed strategically to make it the central room of the room.

When a very large window is in the bedroom, it may be more difficult to find a bed that integrates well. A headboard would not work in this type of room. The bare top bed is ideal in case it protrudes from the window sill, as you can see in the ideas. You will sleep there in the clouds. Instead of the platform bed no headboard, you could choose to create a decorative design on the wall. With this in mind, several options are available to you.

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Original decals, multiple frames placed strategically, painting on the wall … You are the creator of your dream room. If you like extreme comfort, you might choose a decorative pillow arrangement instead of choosing a platform bed no headboard. By adding a host of decorative pillows to your bed, you’ll feel comfortable in your bedroom. It will leave all the room to the decorative wall and you will avoid having the impression of having an overloaded decor.

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