How To Put Up Menards Shelving

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Wonderful Menards Shelving

How To Put Up Menards Shelving – In this article you will learn how to put up shelves and create additional storage space in your laundry room or utility room, without spending a lot of money. Go to a building supply store for buy Menards.

Select the parts of the wood that is in good condition and suitable size for Menards shelving. If you prefer, choose pieces that are around the same length so you do not cut them. Before leaving the store, find the cheapest, most basic shelf brackets to the store sells. Take the wood home and sharpen the edges if they are rough from the previous cut, then paint them any color you want.

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Install the shelf brackets on the Menards shelving after the paint has dried. Locate the location where you want to hang shelves and keep the shelf on the wall with a level placed on top. When the shelf is level, mark a spot on the wall inside each screw hole in the shelf brackets, and then put on the shelf to the side. Install drywall anchors where you made the marks. Self-drilling anchors will make it much easier. Place the rack back up on the wall and hold up in line with drywall anchors. Put the screws into the holes and tighten the anchor. Stand back and look at your new shelves impressed. You now have ample storage space.

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