Rectangular Chandelier Is Perfect Lamp For Dining Table

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Amazing Lamp Decor With Rectangular Chandelier

Rectangular chandelier – All lamps we chose for our house are of great importance, because the lighting is essential when creating atmosphere, but among those with a greater role are lamps placed on the dining table. They are lamps that are very visible and highlighting head of the table. They also have the function of joining in very special moments of celebration around the table. For all that, when we will choose a lamp for the dining table there are several aspects that we must consider.

For the election must meet different criteria including: the shape and size of the table, the height of the dining room ceiling, the decorative style of our house and stay, the type of lighting we want to achieve. We started with the size and shape of the table, although it is customary to choose for the dining table one central lamp, that works great in the case of square or round tables, but for oval or rectangular chandelier, probably better to choose a line formed by several lamps to achieve a homogeneous light across the table and that the corners are not left unlit.

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Speaking of size, it is also very important to consider the height of the dining room. The rectangular chandelier must be placed at least 75 centimeters above the table, although this is somewhat flexible, in fact we can even play with several bulbs placed at different heights, which is a trend that is very fashionable. Furthermore the ideal height depends largely on the shape and style of the lamp, some lamps are well relatively near the table and others are better almost ceiling.

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