Repair Ball Bearing Drawer Slides

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Kitchen Cabinet Drawer Slides Style

Drawer slides – ball-bearing drawer slides are durable and reliable. Some cycles tested. This means that they are opened and closed by robot arms hundreds of times. This ensures that they are robust enough to endure regular use. Occasionally, a screw that holds one of the runner arms in place come loose, so the arm to splay. This will cause the drawer to run less smoothly or cane.

Repair ball bearing drawer slides, Open the drawer. Remove the contents. Screw the runner arms. Black and Decker suggest using an electric screwdriver, but a manual screwdriver is sufficient. Remove the tray from the chassis. Rotate the tray on its side. Fill the screw hole with super petrol, quick wood filler. Use wood filler that can be screwed into the dry state. Continue the same way for all other enlarged screw holes. Let wood filler to dry, according to specific instructions.

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Repair ball bearing drawer slides, Red rill the hole at the same place by means of a little less than the screw drill bit needs. This will ensure that the screw goes into tight. Do the same for all other refilled holes. Screw runner arms back to the sides of the tray. Place the drawer in the closet. Test running action. Returns drawer contents of the drawer. Retest.

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