Rustic Floating Shelves For Books

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Rustic Floating Wood Shelves

Rustic floating shelves give warm look with functionality as space for storing books. Rustic wood shelf is simple to make or buy wooden shelving to become book storage. Shelving units have become the simplest ways in how to create organized items like vases, books and many other items. Different ideas are applicable to make the better storage and organization. All mean to create neat, clean and well organized value simply but very significantly.

Floating block shelves are for sure very unique in appearance on the walls. Even in modern and contemporary homes, rustic floating shelves add warmth and elegance. Natural colors and finishes of reclaimed wood are amazingly very interesting.

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Rustic Floating Shelves Reclaimed Wood

There are many reclaimed woods to become material for the building of rustic book shelving. DIY rustic floating shelves made from reclaimed wood can be easy and for sure affordable. Just like rustic floating shelves for kitchen, blocks of wood and large woods are usable as material! There is no need of bracket since all you have to do is nail the wood onto the walls.

Reclaimed floating shelves for books feature minimalist decor. It is easy and cheap in how to store books and decorate your rooms. If you are living in a rustic home like farmhouse, it is for sure to become wonderful functional feature very significantly.

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Rustic Floating Shelves Ideas

To make unattractive pieces of wood attractive on the walls, there are several ways. Installation can be in zigzag so that unique. Colors and textures can be created with the arrangement of books. Smaller shelves are for smaller books and large shelves are for larger books. If you want to add more attractive look, add decorative features such as candles or vases.

It is best to have light painted walls when it comes to installing rustic reclaimed wood shelving. The color contrast can be enjoyed with a textured appearance by your book collection. Rustic floating shelves for books can be learned on the image gallery.

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