Rustic Starburst Chandelier Style

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Stylish Starburst Chandelier

Starburst chandelier – Rustic design and decor for natural elements such as twigs, bark, logs and other types of wood. You can easily find a rustic starburst chandelier for your dining table from a piece of wood from an old barn, antlers and driftwood. You can also distress new wood, so it looks older and more weathered, turn it into a starburst chandelier that would have made your grandfather.

Place the different sized nails and screws randomly in half of the 12-inch log. Do not insert them all the way, leave them at different heights. This is a poignant tool to help you put the new 6-by-6-inch wooden board in a rustic chandelier that will appear aged and weathered. The random placement and different heights uneven brands starburst chandelier, similar to what would happen to create in nature over time.  Keep the center of your four-meter-long pieces of chain; randomly hit the wood board to facilitate distress. Drill seven notches in the board 6-by-6, evenly distributed to four centimeters by the end of the board and leaving four centimeters on the other side.

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Stains on the starburst chandelier with a stain and polyurethane blend. The spot in the polyurethane will protect the wood while adding luster, depending on the degree of gloss you select. Attach a hook two centimeters from each end of your chandelier. Attach the corresponding hooks on the ceiling, and make sure at least one is attached to a beam. Add the chain and hang your rustic starburst chandelier. Add the candles.

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