Special Brass Chandelier

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2016 Brass Chandelier

Brass chandelier – Lamps hanging lamps that can add or interfere with overall decor in any room. chandeliers Brass are reminiscent of past decades, but you can upgrade a brass candlestick with a little ingenuity and a little spray paint. Keep original crystals if you like brightness or switch out for colors that coordinates with design of your room.

Remove the bulbs and crystals brass chandelier. If you are using the same crystals in the chandelier updated, washing them with cleaner. Clean the lamp with alcohol. Rubbing alcohol helps paint adhere better and removes fingerprints and. Allow the alcohol to evaporate.

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Paint spider with your choice of metallic paint colors. A black spider works in many different environments, from sophisticated to casual. Nickel, platinum or bronze sconces complement an elegant and modern design. You can update your chandelier base painting in shades of blue or purple to create a lamp gypsy spider. Make sure brass is covered completely; it may take more than one or two layers. Allow paint to dry between coats.

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Add to update a plain Brass Chandelier. Cut small strips of wire and wrap around the arms of the chandelier where you want to hang a crystal. Look for glass trays that are placed on the light installation in online stores glass. These bobeches have six small holes around the tray where you can spend more crystals to upgrade your chandelier.

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