Special Characteristics Of Medallion Duvet Cover

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Brown Medallion Duvet Cover

Few things mark the bedroom style more than the clothes we choose to dress the bed. Undoubtedly, the medallion duvet cover have an important visual weight in the whole. But this should not make us forget that, in addition to decorative, its function is eminently practical. Therefore, we have asked two experts to explain the characteristics and uses of quilts, quilts and duvet covers. As well as the differences between them, to help us decide the best solution in each case.

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Medallion duvet cover is a type of bedding that fulfills an eminently decorative function. They are made with fabrics that tend to have a lot of body, although there are also padded, with a light padding to provide moderate heat during the spring. You can find the three products made with the same materials, both in embroidered and patterned or smooth finishes, with different styles such as classic, modern, vintage, etc…

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Basically there are two types of medallion duvet cover: without quilting and quilting. The first ones are used to cover the sheets and offer a more attractive aspect of the bed, while the second ones: quilted quilts or ’boutis’ fulfill, in addition to this decorative function, that of sheltering the bed.

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