Strand Bamboo Flooring: Warm For Interior Home

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Solid Strand Bamboo Flooring

Strand bamboo flooring – Choosing hardwood floors over other options like laminate, linoleum or carpet is not a small decision. Now that you have chosen to use hardwood, you need to decide the kind of hardwood you would like to have in your home. Typically, most people think of oak, maple or cherry tree. But consider the floors of bamboo. You will be taking advantage of one of the best hardwoods available today. Bamboo has enough to offer you.

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Strength and durability – strand bamboo flooring is the perfect choice to achieve a durable and strong floor that can withstand the use and can be mistreated by animals and children. It can even withstand the dropping of a pan in high-traffic areas such as the kitchen, living room and hallways.

Strand bamboo flooring is responsible with the environment – bamboo flooring is the choice that cares more about the environment in question of hardwoods, because it is not even a wood. It is indeed an herb that can reach full maturity in just five years. When the bamboo plant is harvested, it spreads spores to spawn new plants around. As bamboo is a renewable resource, you will be making an environmentally responsible choice.

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