Stunning Curved Headboard Design

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Chic Curved Headboard

The curved headboard is the guardian of our dreams and the center of all eyes. That’s why the wall where the bed rests needs to be the most pampered of our bedroom. The usual is a composition of 2, 3 or 4 paintings that fit the width of the headboard or, if you do not have, the bed. But speaking of pictures, you can already imagine that the possibilities are endless. An art that requires a lot of trial / error to get a proportionate composition that is neither too tight nor too loose.

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The most normal thing is to place a curved headboard with 3 or 4 frames on it, but who needs it with this beautiful painting. It is not easy to find a piece that fits the size of our bed but the stylist Carmen Figueras got it with this painting by Fernando Alday. A set of extra cushions do the rest.

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Curved headboard wood is not left alone on the floor, continue with the same coating is a solution that begins to impose. And more when we are talking about a wood with so much personality. In this case the industrial style flexo lamps become the other protagonists.

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