Style Hotel Collection Duvet

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Contemporary Hotel Collection Duvet

Hotel collection duvet – Fashionable bedding, the hotel’s inspiration typically consists of a plush, a support mattress topped with a feather, quality pillows or memory foam mattress. The beds are made with sheets, high density cotton with solid color threads or cotton blend, lots of fluffy, cool pillows and a duvet. Bedding is often highlighted with a folded shot wrapped tightly at the foot of the bed. This look can be created in your home to give the bedroom a vacation feels at any time.

Cotton duvet in 350 to 400 thread cotton or blend creates the feeling of a hotel. Hand woven Egyptian cotton sheets, usually found in high-end hotel beds.  And can be purchased through the bedding department or specialty stores. Also hotels lean towards white or pale colored sheets as they are easy to wash. Also keep the room looking fresh and invigorating. A slight variation of solid color sheets is the creation of subtle bands using different finishes in the same color of the fabric. The hotel collection duvet should be stretched firmly on the bed to mimic the appearance of the hotel.

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The inspirational hotel bed is completed with a counting thread from 320 to 350, down or poly filled quilt instead of a quilt. Some hotel collection duvet with a third bed sheet. And then for high density threads to further coordinate the bedding in a lush, layered look. The quilt can be a rich, dark, light and bright or the same color as the leaves. A solid color gives a clean and orderly and modern appearance to the stratification. One, a carefully folded contrast shot covered across the entire foot of the bed adds visual interest.

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