Stylish And Modern Diy Chandelier

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Diy Chandelier Beaded

Diy chandelier – If a few weeks ago we showed lamps classic chandelier applied to interior decoration, today we want to show opposite: lamps modern chandelier and original to decorate rooms of all styles. As we said above, but for years they were relegated to background by dominance of minimalism and elimination of everything that smacked of classic, some years this element has re-emerged in world of interior design and decoration.

One option to achieve this current tap these lamps is based on classical form but use materials today: it dispenses glass and transparent precious stones and passed to use DM, wire or plastic materials creating continuous forms that recall perfectly lamps of yesteryear, with its scrolls and its roundness. They are mainly used in white to bring glamour to an aesthetic minimalist. Another option to provide that extra currency is playing with colored: Used diy chandelier classic cut but glass or tulipas is colored, resulting in completely lamp black, red, blue, green, mauve, fuchsia or a multicolor combination.

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Finally, another option to “modernize” a classic lamp is to add design elements decontextualized . For example, hang a foot of steel or couple it an umbrella, here imagination to power. If you walk even thinking about past, here we leave a few rooms with diy chandelier modern chandelier for your inspiration.

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