Super Pretty Floral Duvet Covers

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Black Floral Duvet Covers

Prepare your bedroom for the summer. To do this, choose floral prints for bedding. Here are some examples. Now that summer is getting closer, the floral duvet covers motifs will be ideal at home. Without a doubt, they will give a fresh and cheerful touch. If what you have at home is a duvet cover and not a quilt does not worry, there are also duvet covers with this type of prints.

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The only thing that you will have to do is change the winter’s filler for a more finite one, like that of the floral duvet covers. In addition, you can also buy the matching cushion cover. You can alternate patterned cushions with some with plain colors, for example white. among the examples that you can see there are some duvet covers , in case you want to keep the one you have used during the rest of the year and you are only going to introduce a finer fill.

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Available in IKEA. In addition to the case, two pillowcases are included, which have an envelope type closure, making them very easy to place. The design consists of simple red and light pink floral duvet covers on a white background.  On the stems and leaves there are green touches.

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