The Best Way To Wash Feather Duvet

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Clean Feather Duvet

Now that the good weather is here, we will soon begin to change the textiles of the house for lighter ones. One of those that we will undoubtedly have to get rid of is the feather duvet of the bed, and to keep it in perfect condition until next year, it must be washed and stored correctly. We can do it in two ways: either we go to the laundry or we wash it ourselves if its fabric allows it. If so, then let’s see how to wash the duvet quilt.

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To obtain a good result and be able to do it ourselves, not only has to have the right fabric; it is also highly advisable, put it in a front loading washing machine. To wash the feather duvet quilt we need: Soft detergent, two clean socks with a tennis ball each inside, and optionally, softener sheets or dryer wipes.

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Once washed and well dried, play it. The best way to store it is in its original packaging and the place that is a dry and free of moisture. If we have lost the original cover we can store it in a cloth bag so that it transpires, never plastic or other material that does not leave the feather duvet perspiring.

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